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Some examples of our media operations...

Based in Paris since 2015 and in Brussels since 2018, we work in areas such as public relations (press...), influence, lobbying or strategic communication, on behalf of states, companies, political figures, public and private institutions. Of course, in most of these fields, it is not possible to expose our achievements for the sake of confidentiality. Moreover, we imagine that if we were working together, you would not want us to expose the precise subjects of our collaboration here. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, via this contact form.

That being said, it is common knowledge (as several articles testify) that we have had the State of Qatar as a client for several years. We are involved in just about everything we can think of, but we can specifically give you, with their agreement, some examples in the field of press relations, as follows:

FIFA World Cup QATAR 2022

Our client, the State of Qatar, hosted the FIFA World Cup in November-December 2022. Being in charge of the Emirate's press relations in France and Belgium, we accompanied our client throughout the project, both before and during the event. It was a great challenge for our teams and an exceptional opportunity to participate in the organisation of one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

We organised press trips to Doha during the years and months leading up to the event in order to show journalists the reality on the field (visits to infrastructures under construction, then finalised, and during the World Cup).

We organised and accompanied numerous interviews (with the Emir of Qatar, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, the President of the Supreme Organising Committee of the World Cup, etc.), as well as reports on paper, TV and radio.

These actions allowed us to accompany the first Football World Cup in history organised by an Arab country and generated a lot of coverage in the major media (TV, Radio, Press).

The Big interview with the Emir of Qatar

On the eve of the launch of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, wished to speak for the first time to the written press in Europe. We submitted the idea of an exclusive interview in a major French weekly. Once accepted, we proposed this exclusive to Le Point and organised the meeting with the Emir's media department and the magazine's editorial staff. The meeting between the journalists and the Emir took place in Doha.

During this interview, which took place over several days, the Emir opened up to the two journalists on numerous subjects such as his global geopolitical vision, the role of his country in the Middle East and in the world, Qatar's relationship with France, but also his childhood, his education, his love of the French language and his reaction to the criticisms levelled at his country regarding the organisation of the World Cup.

Exclusive interview of Sheikha Moza with Paris Match

Sheikha Moza, the mother of the Emir of Qatar, who was visiting the UNESCO in Paris to talk about her work and that of her foundation to provide schooling for children around the world, asked us to organise the media coverage of her visit.

Among other publications, we organised an exclusive interview with the magazine Paris Match, which resulted in a cover photo and online distribution of the article.

Report on the evening news of TF1

We regularly organise press trips for our client, the State of Qatar, which result in the broadcasting of reports, such as this one on the evening news of the first French national channel TF1.

The French discovery of the cultural and sporting wealth of Qatar is illustrated here by a visit to the Al Shaqab equestrian centre. This is an exceptional and unique place in the world, especially for purebred Arab horse lovers.

8-page article in Le Figaro Magazine

A year and a half before the launch of the World Cup, Edile Consulting organised a press trip with several medias including Le Figaro, in order to give them an update on the progress of the titanic works undertaken by Qatar.

This operation resulted in the publication of an 8-page article in the magazine and several articles on Le Figaro's website.

Web and paper articles in La Libre Belgique

The Emir of Qatar Tamim ben Hamad Al Thani was in Washington to meet Joe Biden. During this trip, the American President described Qatar as a "major ally" of the USA.

Edile Consulting then took charge of the media coverage of this event in France and Belgium, which allowed, among other things, a publication in the daily newspaper La Libre and in its web version.